Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun Fact of the Day (or whatever time you find yourself reading this)

Miami hosts more film festivals than any other city in the country! More interesting, many of the popular film festivals that can be found all around the country have its roots in Miami. From the obscure to the popular- you can find just about anything for your taste!
When did Miami become such a catalyst for creativity? Where does this obscure high art culture society dwell?
Maybe there's hope for me still, I say laughing, still debating whether I should test the turbulent waters of New York, New York.

Here's the short list (please be advised that some are now extinct, but links are still provided for your viewing pleasure):
Miami International Film Festival
Miami Short Film Festival
American Black Film Festival
Sicilian Film Festival
Miami Underground Film Festival
Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Women's International Film Festival
Brazilian Film Festival of Miami
Canes Film Festival (No not Cannes : CANES)
MADE in Miami Film & Video Festival
Miami Children's Museum Festival
Miami Independent Film & Music Festival
Miami Latin Film Festival
Miami Jewish Film Festival
Italian Film Festival-Cinema Italy
Israel Film Festival in Miami
Romance in a Can European Film Festival
The Borscht Film Festival
Spanish Film Festival
Latin Gay Film Festival

The End. And, CUT. That's a wrap.

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