Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The heart can be reached through the stomach

Oh pineapple, what are you doing in the supermarket aisle? It’s December.
An ode to you, who knows how far you’ve traveled to be in our presence…

At first sight, it is the epitome of status and grandeur. It is the pompous king of the fruits proudly displaying its gaudy crown of leaves on its top.

The fruit is reminiscent of the exquisite reversible jacket that every woman spends her life searching for. The outer exterior is a neutral, sand like color that pairs well with everything, but still a touch edgy with its prickly exterior. It can be used as a protection from the harsh environmental elements or be shed whenever it is not necessary such as when arriving at a warm tropical oasis like St. Barth’s after traveling thousands of miles upon miles from the frozen tundras of Alaska, Canada, or a freezer. The interior is as radiant as the high noon sun, vibrant and fresh. The attitudes and characteristics of the elite vacationing patrons, like the taste of the fruit itself, are at times slightly acidic, but mostly sweet, making for interesting combinations. Their skins get lightly tender, after days of sun bathing, which is reminiscent of the succulent and meaty texture of its interior flesh.

This is how much I love you so, but I’ll have to wait until next year to devour you. In the meantime, I'll cheat on you with Mr. Pumpkin and Mrs. Carambola.

La Duchessa and other great blondes...

You came into my life at the perfect moment.
A tall blonde with a caramel tone all over.
I run my eyes slowly up and down your long legs, the white bubbles slide down effortlessly and caress your every inch.
You feel smooth and crisp in my mouth, a total body consistency, what everyone wants.
Sometimes, once is not enough. I could even have you 10 times in one night and on those nights, I come prepared with extra stamina.
In between long sips, you pair nicely with a big hunky piece of meat or a creamy slice of ripe cheese.
You’re young and fresh, not like those other dark broads which you have to wait months, possibly years and decades for, to even reach your same body and character.
Sometimes while daydreaming, I catch myself thinking about you.